The TEYLT is a more specialised course that teaches teachers how to cope with the demands of young learners in the EFL world.

The teaching of children is holistic rather than academic. Acceptable social language, moral values and life skills are imparted in relevant lessons, thereby contributing to the overall development of the child.
There is increased demand for teachers at kindergarten, primary and secondary level.

Some of the modules that will be covered are:

  • Language and Learning in TEYL Classroom
  • Teaching Strategy
  • Managing Recourses
  • Lesson Planning
  • Assessing Young Learners
  • Adolescent Stages of Development and Learning
  • Motivating Teenagers
  • Classroom Issues
  • Using Suitable material
  • Developing the Four Skills in Teenagers
  • Testing and Assessing Teenagers


  • I recently completed my Tesol course and wanted to extend my thanks and appreciation. I thoroughly enjoyed both the theoretical classes and the practical sessions and found the whole experience professional and rewarding. I now feel sufficiently equipped to start my new teaching career in Japan, which I found very soon after completing the course. I would wholeheartedly recommend this organisation.
    Carmen Morris
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